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Today, on Planet 100, primary results send the United States towards a climate tipping point, frankenfish spawn in spite of public skeptacism, and Tom Hanks bankrolls a solar-powered radio that he hopes will help bring education to impoverished communities.GOP Climate Skeptics
It appears America is at a climate tipping point as a host of Republican Senate hopefuls trumpet their rejection of climate science on the campaign trail.

Christine O'Donnell knocked off pro climate Republican Mike Castle in Delaware's open-seat GOP Senate primary.

She joins Nevada's Sharron Angle, who dismisses man-made global warming as a "mantra of the left," Wisconsin's Ron Johnson, who blames warming on "sun spots," and a host of other tea party-backed Republican Senate candidates who reject the science connecting human greenhouse gas emissions to climate change.

The tragic result? More clean energy jobs lost to China.

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Frankenfish Spawning
The FDA have just concluded a two day public hearing on whether genetically modified giant salmon will be approved for general consumption.

The panel heard from Massachusetts-based AquaBounty and from FDA scientists who reviewed the company's application and announced earlier this month that the altered salmon, called AquAdvantage, is safe for human consumption and poses no threat to the environment.

With our unsustainable appetite for fish, which is depleting world's fisheries at alarming rates, it may just be a matter of time before Frankenfish end up on our plates.

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Tom Hanks' Lifeplayer
Philanthropic actor Tom Hanks is helping to bring the magic of radio to rural Africa. The Lifeplayer is solar-powered digital 64 gigabyte mp3-enabled wind-up AM/FM radio with three shortwave bands. Available for $80 to $120 each, it's hoped Lifeplayer will help schools, hospitals and government enlighten and educate impoverished people.

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