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These days, if you need something done, there's an app for that. Thanks to the ubiquity of high-speed mobile internet and development platforms that offer programs an opportunity to cash-in on their ingenuity, a virtual gold rush of dedicated software applications has reached frenzy status.

And the environment has not been ignored. Hundreds of green apps have hit the stores and markets, allowing users to do everything from saving on gas to counting pollution, selecting green products to winning environmental debates.

Today, Planet 100 rounds up the top five green apps.

5. Green Gas Saver

In at number five, go back to driving school with Green Gas Saver. This handy app teaches drivers to drive more efficiently and save money.

Utilizing gauges, LEDs and sounds, Green Gas Saver warns you if you are driving too fast or turning too hard. The app keeps a running score from each trip. End result? You'll save on fuel and become a better driver overall.

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4. Pollution Counter

Ever wondered how clean the air you are breathing is, right now? Check out Pollution.

The free app pulls in real-time air pollution data from over a thousand cities worldwide. You can toggle between different forms of pollution—air, radiation from mobile phone masts, water and earth—and see the results overlaid on a Google map, based on your location.

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3. Green Genie

If you're looking for a social, interactive app to help you become more green, check out Green Genie.

The app suggests more than 100 projects to tackle, like bringing your own grocery bags when you go shopping or reducing your company's paper usage.

The app also includes a glossary of green terms, a library of "essential reading" as well as recommended websites and green organizations.

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2. Good Guide

Looking for an app that showcases sustainable products and has a built in bar code scanner to check a product's environmental impact?

GoodGuide is free app whose mission is to become the best information source for products' and companies' environmental, health and social impacts. Its database has more than 70,000 ratings in categories ranging from personal care to toys.

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1. Skeptical Science

In at number one, the perfect tool to counter climate deniers who tell you that solar radiation or hacked climate emails are proof that global warming is a myth.

Based on information from an Australian blog, Skeptical Science puts climate skeptics on the hot seat. It lays out the most common arguments by skeptics and then offers you both a succinct and in-depth counterargument, the latter often complete with graphs and links to science papers. How perfect is that.

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