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Today, on Planet 100, Prince Charles takes viewers on a voyage of discovery, Grist takes a crack at renaming climate activists, and Texas oil takes on the state of California.Royal Harmony
Prince Charles, Prince of Whales, is about to take viewers on a voyage to discover, or rediscover our human connection to nature. The film is divided in 6 parts and features some of the leading visionaries who are reshaping our world. The 60 minute version of the film will air on NBC next month during Green Week.

Watch the trailer.

Naming Climate-Lovers
This week, David Roberts at Grist has posed an interesting question to the blogosphere: What do you call people who care about clean energy and climate change? He points out the term "environmentalist" is a bit too broad and doesn't accurately describe this group, which is actually very diverse.

Roberts rejects climate crusaders, climate concerned and clean energy advocates. Commenters have come up with Sustainers, Planetarians and Transitionists. You can weigh in with your own ideas on Grist and Huff Post Green.

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Texas Oil vs. California
More than $8 million has been spent in California. It may come as a surprise that the funding originated largely from Texas oil barons, who are hoping to repeal the nation's first clean energy and climate law - AB32. To learn more visit the new campaign site Stop Texas Oil.

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