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Today, on Planet 100, Australia's Green Party takes power, the Zap team presents their electric car, and China fights back against disposable chopsticks.Australia Votes Green
Though Australia faces it's first hung parliament in 70 years, the Australia Greens grabbed the balance of power in what their leader Bob Brown called a "greenslide."

Voters in Saturday's election were faced with a choice: well meaning, but environmentally inept incumbent Labor Party versus the Liberal National Party coalition whose leader, Tony Abbott, had famously declared that climate change was crap. As it turned out, two million Australians voted for the Australian Greens who have always maintained that a carbon tax is the only way to effectively deal with climate change.

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Test Driving the ZAP 3-Wheeler
Damien Somerset reports from the Progressive Automotive X Prize on the speedy ZAP car. It doesn't look like other cars currently on the road, but it's designer believes it's time to add some variety to a market that has become "boring."

China's Chopstick Ban
China's Ministry of Commerce has had it with disposable chopsticks. The reason? 45 billion disposable pairs of chopsticks are being made every year, requiring the felling of an estimated 100 acres of trees every 24 hours, a huge hit to China's carbon footprint.

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