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Today, on Planet 100, the dispersant Corexit may be causing a rash of respiratory ailments, farmers rap in a new organic dairy commercial, and Arnold Schwarzenegger may team up with Director James Cameron for his next act.Killer Corexit
The most devastating aspect of the BP oil spill may not be oil-wracked shores of the Gulf of Mexico, or the death of the 11 Deepwater Horizon rig workers.

It may turn out to be the still under-reported use of chemical dispersants to break up the oil slick. An estimated 1.9 million gallons of the largely untested chemical cocktail Corexit were dumped on the Gulf—and now, droves of local residents are being afflicted by respiratory sickness, and worse.

According to a toxicologist and marine biologist in the area, people are already dying from exposure to the toxic chemical.

Read more: "People are Dropping Dead" from BP Dispersants: Toxicologist
Yo Valley Organic
HuffPost Green are long time supporters of glorifying farmers as cool.

So naturally we loved this music video from Yo Valley featuring rapping organic dairy farmers.

This clever commercial commissioned rap music veteran Julian Lutz to direct video, who's worked with everyone from Jay-z to Kanye West. We aren't sure if the hotties in the video are actually farmers, but we gotta say we love the tricked out tractor.

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Schwarzenegger's Next Act
In a little over two months, Arnold Schwarzenegger will no longer be the Governor of California. So what's next? According to his twitter account, Schwarzenegger will be embarking a new project with director James Cameron which is rumored to be related to the environment. Stay tuned.

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