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Today, on Planet 100, Taiwan approves a mandatory environmental education program for school children, BP CEO Tony Heyward fuels the fire of criticism, and researchers take a new look at red meat, drawing some surprising conclusions.Taiwan's Eco Mandate
Taiwan has become one of the first countries on earth to impose mandatory environmental education in its bid to protect its environment.

Under the new law passed Tuesday by its Environmental Protection Administration—schools and organizations should offer at least four hours of environmental lessons each year. Taiwan hopes the law would "usher in a new era for Taiwan's environmental protection."

Last year, the island's parliament passed a major renewable energy bill which will dramatically increase renewable energy sources over the next 20 years.

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BP CEO Incites Anger
The gulf oil crisis is still going on, and one of the major villains everyone is taking aim at is BP. You'd think BP would be in crisis communications mode, but its CEO Tony Heyward has made tons of remarks that are only increasing anger.

Gems include that the spill wasn't BP's accident that the leak is relatively tiny compared to the large size of the ocean; that Heyward predicts many of the lawsuits filed against the company will be illegitimate, because "...this is America."

I have to echo Shep Smith's comment earlier this week. "Tony, at least act like you care."

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Steak vs. Sausage
While red meat has some bad connotations, it's processed meat that's the real killer. A Harvard study reveals that eating processed meat such as sausages increases the likelihood of heart disease, while red meat does not seem to be as harmful. People who ate 50g of processed meat a day had an increased risk of diabetes.

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