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Today, on Planet 100, a "Sushi Nazi" in Sydney is making a stand against food waste, experts point out it may be more humane to kill oil-soaked animals than clean them, and Celine Dion builds a personal water park.Sushi Nazi
Remember the infamous Soup Nazi in Seinfeld? Well a Japanese sushi chef in Sydney is demanding similarly high standards of her customers.

Tired of food waste and its associated environmental impacts, Chef Yukako Ichikawa of Wafu Restaurant demands her patrons eat all their food or pay a fine and not return. The restaurant advises to order in harmony with you appetite and—barring ginger, wasabi and lemon—to clean your plate thoroughly.

Given that 40% of all food in the US goes to waste, I think Chef Ichikawa is onto something big.

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Animal Horrors
The Oil Spill has been going on for OVER 50 days, and images of dead and distressed wildlife have been pouring in. Birds covered in oil, dolphins swimming through muck and turtles gasping for breath have dominated news coverage.

As the oil spill continues to show its ugly effects, it means increasing horror stories for animals—birds heated up and cooked alive by the oil, and experts pointing out that it may be more humane to kill the animals rather than to clean them. Only 1% of cleaned birds survive.

At Huffpost green we're following all the latest oil spill news closely and we'll keep you posted.

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Celine's Waterworld
Singer Celine Dion's new home waterpark is large enough to sink the Titanic. The lavish pool system uses 500,000 gallons of water and includes two swimming pools, two water slides and a lazy river, which has a slow current to carry bathers around the pool. How long til BP requests deepwater drilling rights?

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