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Today, on Planet 100, Paris plans to harvest human body heat, a brand-new green school is tainted by toxic soil, and baby carrots get promoted with a sexy new ad campaign.Parisian Body Heat
It's quite apt that one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris, is warming its citizens with body heat.

Excess body heat generated by the 4.5 million people who ride Paris Metro everyday is being used to heat a public housing project in the city center. Geothermal technology will push the 100 watts of energy per passenger from the station to heat exchangers to the building on rue Beaubourg.

It's hoped that 17 flats will be warmed by the body heat of Parisian metro passengers by the end of 2011.

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Toxic Green School
A new green themed school which opened in Los Angeles this week is facing a rather embarrassing problem—toxic soil.

Named after noted conservationists Rachel Carson and Al Gore, the new $75 million dollar elementary school located in a low-income neighborhood near downtown Los Angeles, was found to be contaminated with carcinogenic solvents that leaked from 17 underground storage tanks discovered during construction.

To date, Los Angeles Unified district officials have spent $4 million to clean up the new Carson-Gore Academy of Environmental Studies.

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Sexy Baby Carrots
A bunch of carrot farmers have given the crunchy orange snack (video) a $25 million dollar makeover by pairing them with a sexy carrot top for their new, quite bizarre TV commercial. While I'm not sure if encouraging us to eat excessively packaged baby carrots like junk food is sending quite the right message, I do have feeling baby carrots will a new market with teenage boys.

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