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Today, on Planet 100, severe weather batters the south, oil animals begin washing up, and diapers may be the newest source energy.The Sound and the Fury
Faulkner loved to write about the weather, but if he were to tackle the current nightmare ensuing in the South he might have called it "God's wrath."

With the Gulf coast reeling from the worst US oil spill on record, the death toll rises in Arkansas and Mississippi—both been hit by violent tornadoes - and Nashville, Tennessee is completely flooded. Record-breaking rains that struck over the weekend have claimed the lives of 29 people across three states.

Meanwhile Mississippi has suffered four fatalities and Arkansas one, as a result of tornadoes, spawned by a supercell thunderstorm.

Oily Animal Impacts
As the gulf oil disaster continues heart-breaking photos have emerged of dead sea turtles, sharks, fish, and birds who haven't survived the pollution.

And they are only the tip of the iceberg. Millions of crucial marine creatures may be affected by the spill that we can't see. The untested chemical dispersant that's being used to break up the oil could, as one scientist put it, kill everything at the bottom of the ocean. And unfortunately, we also have to think about the long-term impacts of oil working its way through the food chain. The Gulf supplies over 40% of the seafood consumed in the U.S.

Source: Huffington Post
Diaper Power
Oil is certainly one of our dirtiest sources of energy, but here's one surprisingly dirty source that's actually eco-friendly—diapers. Japanese automation company Super Faiths has developed a recycling machine that shreds, dries and sterilizes used disposable diapers turning them into bacteria-free fuel pellets for biomass boilers and stoves. Good news for aging society where the production adult diapers in Japan topped 5 billion units last year.

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