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Today, on Planet 100, Barack Obama guarantees $2 billion in loans for solar companies, Aptera unveils an all-electric contender for the Auto X Prize, and a Firefox plugin makes Gulf oil spill content bleed petroleum.Solar Cash Injection Green
The 4th of July weekend was a sunny one for two solar companies who were awarded $2 billion in loan guarantees by President Obama.
On web and radio addresses Saturday, the President announced his desire to create jobs through the development of green technologies.

$1.45 billion will go to Abengoa Solar to build one of the largest desert solar plants in the world, while $400 million will go to Abound Solar Manufacturing for construction of two new advanced solar panel plants in Colorado. The loan guarantees are expected to create 5000 green jobs.

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Aptera Contender
At the Auto Xprize with Marcus McKammon with the Aptera 2E team, Damien takes a look at the high-speed all-electric contender.

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Black Oil Firefox
Creative agency Jess3 has come up with a witty way to point out that BP oil is everywhere... even on line. The crafty BLACK OIL Firefox plugin will make any words or images related to the "BP Gulf oil spill" bleed with oil down your page. As we reach Day 77 of the unabated oil gusher, it's an important reminder of the company's responsibility to clean a mess of epic proportions.

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