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Today, on Planet 100, torrential rains opens a massive sinkhole in Guatemala, The Obama Administration looks for a Hollywood ending to the Gulf Oil disaster, and researchers use an iPad to communicate with dolphins...really.Sinkhole Monster
It may look like science fiction, but the picture you are about to see is of a 200ft sink hole which swallowed up a three storey building in Guatemala City.

This enormous crater appeared in Guatemala's capital after the city was ravaged by torrential rain and mudslides during Tropical Storm Agatha. Sink holes can appear suddenly but are thousands of years in the making—usually caused by rainwater gradually eating away at porous rock below the surface.

Agatha has killed 146 people across Central America, with fears for the economies of Guatemala and El Salvador after the destruction of coffee crops.

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Hollywood Ending?
As hopes of a Hollywood ending to the BP oil disaster fade, the Obama Administration has called in Avatar director James Cameron to help fix the leak.

This move isn't as crazy as it might sound. The director of the Titanic and the Abyss has extensive experience with underwater filming and remote vehicle technologies and has met with the EPA for a massive brainstorming session. After the failure of Top Hat, Top Kill and Junk Shot, BP is desperate for a hit.

In the meantime it's life imitating art as man who saved Pandora is now setting his sights on saving Mother Earth.

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BP Can't Stop the Massive Oil Leak—Can Hollywood?
Merlin's iPad
The iPad is so easy even a dolphin can use it—seriously. A 2-year-old bottlenose dolphin named Merlin is using the latest Apple gadget to help develop a symbol-based human-dolphin communication interface called Dolphin Speak.

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