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Today, on Planet 100, a freak Segway accident leaves the owner of the two-wheel commuter vehicle company dead, Facebook is criticized for its reliance on coal power by a five year old, and Mexico dethrones the United States as the world's most obese nation.Segway Tragedy
The boss of the green commuter machine, "Segway," has died in a freak accident by driving one of his two-wheelers off a cliff.

Jimi Heselden, the flamboyant former miner at the head of the Segway scooter company, was testing a cross-country version of the Segway when he skidded into the river Wharfe which runs beside his Yorkshire estate. Dean Kamen invented the two-wheeled, electric vehicle, which has enjoyed moderate commercial success in the US.

Former vice-president Dick Cheney is among Segways celebrity clientele. He was often spotted riding one of the scooters round his Washington office complex.

Via: The Guardian
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Zuckerberg Challenged
CEO Mark Zuckerberg was inundated with press last week, both for the Facebook feature film and a questionably timed $100 million charitable gift.

But it's doubtful Zuckerberg was planning on a 5 year old challenging the very foundation of the company—dirty coal.

Greenpeace enlisted the help of a 5 year old and a very clever animator to tell the very tongue in cheek tale of Mark Zuckerberg and the creation of his Facebook empire which now consumes vast quantities of electricity and is responsible for more than 650 million tons of CO2 pollution per year.

The youtube video and campaign hopes to change Zuckerberg's mind on coal, and send a message that clean energy will ultimately get Zuckerberg a lot more friends.

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Overweight Nations
A new OECD study on overweight nations is out and the figures are enough to make you think twice before ordering desert: over two-thirds of the U.S. population is currently overweight. America ranked second in global obesity, beating out Australia, New Zealand and the UK while Mexico has the dubious honor of taking the number one spot.

Via: The Huffington Post

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