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Today, on Planet 100, Sarah Palin likens President Barack Obama to Hitler, Chipotle gives money to charity for your junk emails, and Australia's new Prime Minister Julia Gillard takes an opportunity to express her commitment to combating climate change.Sarah Palin In Bad Taste
One-time Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin has now solidified her status as the leader of the radical right-wing...likening President Obama to Adolf Hitler.

In a tweet Thursday, Palin endorsed an article by conservative columnist Thomas Sowell which argues that Obama's establishment of a BP escrow fund would result in the administration embracing Nazi-like dictatorial powers. A similar slander was recently made by Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert on the floor of the House of Representatives.

In truth, the $20 billion BP escrow fund is not Obama confiscating private property, but standing up to a criminally negligent multi-national corporation.

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No Junk Chipotle
Forward 100 junk emails to fast food chain Chipotle and they'll give $10 to non-profit Lunchbox which provides healthy meals for kids.

The campaign called "No Junk" combines email collection and viral marketing into one, all for a good cause. Capitalizing on our collective distaste for spam, Chipotle offers to help us get rid of the junk—in kids lunchboxes AND in their parent's inboxes.

The goal is to give $10,000 to the cause which will go to help schools implement healthy lunch programs for their kids.

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Aussie Climate Leader
Australia's new female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, used her first press conference to affirm her strong commitment to stopping global warming.

Former PM Kevin Rudd's popularity nosedived with his decision to delay the Government's Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. A recent poll showed that 86 per cent of Australians want action on climate change.

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