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Today, on Planet 100, the CEO of Ryan Air comes out of the climate deniers closet, female snales aquire a distinctly male characteristic...on their foreheads, and Lady Gaga shocks fans and disgusts vegans with her meaty fashion statement.O'Leary Lets Fly
It seems like scientific consensus or meteorological records weren't enough to deter Michael O'Leary CEO of Ryan Air from coming out of the climate deniers closet.

O'Leary hogged headlines earlier in the week for his colorful comments on climate change. Speaking with the Irish Independent newspaper, O'Leary called climate change "a load of BS," the IPCC "utter tosh" and described Al Gore someone who "couldn't even get bleeping re-elected" after a boom.

As the airline industry is one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, O'Leary's stance doesn't come as a huge surprise. It just makes us admire Richard Branson that much more.

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Imposex Snails
Female snails with penises growing out of their heads? Sounds like the plot for a B grade sci-fi flick, but's fact.

Scientists have discovered that a shockingly high percentage of female sea snails off the coast of Perth Australia sport this troubling new appendage. Naming this new disorder imposex, scientists attribute it to TBT—a chemical agent used by boatmen until the early 1990s.

There's a fear that if the sea snail were to disappear completely, an important predator role will be lost and we could end up with less biodiversity.

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Lady Gaga's Meaty Attire
Lady Gaga made us collectively gag as she revisited the raw meat dress at the VMAs over the weekend. While she may have cleaned up on awards, Gaga's sartorial political statement cum publicity stunt, only succeeded in confusing fans and grossing out vegans.

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