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Today, on Planet 100, a fleet of oil-absorbing robots is ready to respond to the next offshore oil disaster, an earthquake in New Zealand caused damage but also may have created a new fault line in the earth's crust, and an ad campaign in Hong Kong tries to sell "fresh air."Seaswarm Robotic Rescue
Who can you call upon when the next oil rig explodes? Seaswarm—a fleet of oil absorbing robots developed by scientists at MIT.

Armed with a super-absorbent "nanofabric," these robots can absorb 20 times its weight in oil, operate independently and can clean continuously for weeks at a time. What's more, the robots run on solar energy and require only 100 watts of power, the equivalent to one strong light bulb.

While Seaswarm may be too late for the BP spill, it offers promise for cleaning up future slicks.

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New Zealand Quake
A 7.0 magnitude earthquake which shook New Zealand second city of Christchurch last week has created a new fault line in the earth's crust.

All up the quake damaged roads, shook down chimneys, and destroyed most of the old structures near the South Island city causing $1.4 billion in damage but only injuring two people. What's more the ongoing tensions between the Pacific and Australian tectonic plates pushed up the soil some three feet in areas. Experts believe this to be new fault line.

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Fresh Air in Hong Kong
A campaign to sell "Fresh Air" has been a huge hit in Hong Kong. The brainchild of NGO Clean Air Network, the spoof of a 1980s infomercial featuring popular Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu, is designed to draw attention to the wretched air quality in the city of seven million.

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