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Today, on Planet 100, environmental activists celebrate 10/10/10 with a global work party, a polar bear does tai chi for climate delegates in China, and 200 homes in the UK will be heated with poo.10/10/10 Recap
Organizers of the 10.10.10 Global Work Party,, claim the weekend's worldwide event was the largest day of environmental activism in history.

From New Zealand to Beijing, Ghana to Washington, environmental campaigners in 188 countries participated in over 7,000 events—planting trees, collecting rubbish and ralling against pollution—as a part of a unified effort to show their politicians that they are willing to get to work on addressing climate change in their community, and want their governments to do the same.

Author and founder of, Bill McKibben said that the people have decided to show our leaders what leadership looks like.

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Tianjin Goes Polar
U.N. delegates were greeted at last week's Tianjin climate talks with an unusual site—a polar bear doing tai chi.

The polar bear came down to join a class of Chinese youth practicing the "art of balance." The action by TckTckTck campaigners was a response to U.N. negotiators who some say are hiding behind a vague new catch phrase, "the balanced package," in lieu of making real progress on preparations for a global climate treaty to be negotiated in Cancun this December.

TckTckTck's campaign director said if the imbalance become permanent it could have devastating affects on all of humanity.

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Poo Power
200 homes in Didcot, UK, will be heated this winter in a rather unusual fashion by utilizing poo power. But before you lose your lunch, the highly purified human waste will be converted into an odorless gas before being used in the homes. The process takes about three weeks and involves using anaerobic bacteria to 'digest' the sewage and produce methane.

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