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Today, on Planet 100, BP sends a reporter to the Gulf, California releases a new batch of grants for electric car chargers, and Australia's Sydney Theatre Company opens a solar powered theater.Planet BP
British Petroleum has dispatched its own PR agent, I mean, reporter to Louisiana, who not surprisingly has a rather upbeat take on the Gulf Oil Spill.

"There is no reason to hate BP," said one local seafood entrepreneur in Planet BP, the oil giant's online in-house magazine. While a tourist official in a local town makes it clear that "BP has always been a very great partner of ours here...We have always valued the business that BP sent us."

Yes, I bet hotels in area are really happy to have a full occupancy with all the visiting BP officials. Really, what planet are they on?

Via: Wall Street Journal
California Chargers
One of the largest stimulus grants for electric car chargers was just approved for California. A total of approx. 114 million dollars was raised $50 million from a federal stimulus grant, which was matched by $49 million in private investment and $14M from the State of California.

3 test projects will be launched—2 in partnership with Nissan which will roll out thousands of chargers and a fleet of Nissan Leafs. The goal is to test how the electrical grid responds to an influx of new electrical vehicles.

If the test goes as planned, it will pave the way for Nissan to bring to market more than 240,000 new EV's by 2015, which could prevent as much as 1 million tons of carbon dioxide per year.

Via: MNN
Solar Theatre
Aussie actress Cate Blanchett, and hubbie Andrew Upton, took to the roof of Australia's Sydney Theatre Company to celebrate the start of the theater's new $5.2 million solar power project. When complete 70% of the building's power will be provided by the 1,906 panels, which will generate some 500KW.

Via: MNN
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