Today on Planet 100: Organic Eggs Dodge Recall (Video)

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More than half a billion eggs have been recalled in a nationwide investigation of salmonella that has sickened over 1000 people.

Animal Factory author David Kirby notes that the massive salmonella outbreak is largely a problem of cheap, factory-farmed eggs. "Laying hens raised in organic or sustainable conditions," he explained, "are less likely to carry disease and will most likely taste a whole lot better too."

In the meantime, authorities advise cooking eggs thoroughly to kill any bacteria.

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Green Handed
While many cities have instituted fines for people not recycling, the city of Charlotte is going green by trying the carrot rather than the stick, earth911 reports.

288 charlotte residents will be rewarded with gift cards and food for properly using newly installed (bins) community recycling bins. Charlotte hopes to increase their annual recycling by 20 percent, and they are eager to see if getting caught "green handed" will further encourage residents and help build the city's eco-cred.

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Same-Sex Geese
Nearly one fifth of greylag geese couples are composed of two males. A new study by the University of New South Wales cites an increased incidence of homosexual behavior does not reduce the chances of increased reproductive success, with some same-sex pairs raising young and creating long term partnerships.

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