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Today, on Planet 100, Neanderthals may be more closely linked to modern humans than previously thought, California's landmark global warming bill is challenged, and tap water drinkers unite to spread clean water around the world. Neanderthals R Us
A study recently published in journal Science might help you make sense of your ex-boyfriend. The study revealed that shortly after early modern humans migrated out Africa some of them interbred with Neanderthals leaving bits of Neanderthal DNA sequences scattered through the genomes of present day non-Africans.

Neanderthals lived in Europe and western Asia before dying out 30,000 years ago, but new fossil evidence show they coexisted and mated with humans in Europe for thousands of years.

Scientists came to their conclusions after extracting DNA from 40,000 year old Neanderthal bones. Now here's Nick Aster with Biz Talk.

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AB32 Challenged
This week on Triple Pundit we continued our coverage of AB32—California's landmark global warming bill which was passed by governor Schwarzenegger in 2006.

The bill states that California must reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 level's by 2020. That's about a 25% reduction from business as usual. Now, an oil industry funded group claiming to be working for job growth has created a ballot initiative that will force California voters to decide on whether to keep AB32 in place.

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Are you tap water drinking looking to connect with other like-paletted individuals? Look no further than a new social network, JoinThePipe. The Dutch organization's mission is to bring together a community of tap water drinker with a bring drinking water to everyone without it.

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