Today on Planet 100: Monstrous Hurricane Igor More Like Hurricane Ogre (Video)

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Today, on Planet 100, Hurricane Igor grows to more than 550 miles across and is labeled a "monstrous storm" by NASA, Fisker announces a new hybrid dubbed "Karma," and Captain Planet celebrates his 20th birthday.Monster Hurricane
Hurricane Igor, currently churning across the Atlantic as a major Category 4 storm, has been dubbed a "monstrous hurricane" by NASA.

Igor is so large that it is the same distance from one end of the storm to the other as it is from Boston, Massachusetts to Richmond, Virginia, some 550 miles. That's a 10-hour drive. Impressed by Igor's immensity, astronauts aboard the International Space Station have nicknamed it "Igor the Terrible."

Despite slightly weakening winds, Igor remains a category 4 storm and is expected to hit Bermuda in the next day or two.

Fisker Karma
Plug in hybrids just got a whole lot sexier with Fisker Karma. The first factory-built vehicle is set to be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show next month.

The car can go from zero to 60 in under six seconds, with maximum speeds of about 120 miles per hour, and boasts an average fuel efficiency of 100 mpg. Environmentalists will go gaga for the interiors made with rescued, fallen and sunken wood, eco-suede and seamless solar glass roof panels.

The chic and sexy California built car is set to debut in early 2011 at a starting price of around $87,000.

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Captain Planet's Birthday
Media giant Ted Turner's eco cartoon, Captain Planet, celebrated its 20th birthday this week. Captain Planet and the Planeteers taught children across America the importance of planting trees, recycling and conserving water. And a little known fact, Tom Cruise was the original voice of the blue-skinned superhero.

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