Today on Planet 100: Microbes Come to BP's Rescue (Video)

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Today, on Planet 100, microbes that were previously unknown to science may be devouring Gulf oil at an astonishing rate, the Prius gets sound effects, and the Emmy Awards go green.Microbes Save BP
BP have been dealt a lucky break in their clean-up operation in the Gulf. Scientists reveal that one massive deep sea oil plume has essentially vanished apparently eaten by microbes previously unknown to science. In a study published in Science, researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab noted that the massive influx of oil stimulated the growth of newly discovered oil-degrading microbes.

In more good news, oil consumption by these deep-sea microbes did not seem to worsen marine dead zones.

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Prius Alert
One of the great joys of driving a Prius is the sound...of silence. But many pedestrians complain they can't hear the vehicle approaching.

In Japan, Toyota is offering a voluntary $148 speaker system, to go under the hood of the third-generation Prius, which sets off a whirring sound at the same noise level as a regular car engine. In America, automakers will be permitted to provide their own "signature sounds" including Star Wars sound effects.

So, though the Prius is not known for its supersonic speed, it could at least sounds like the Millennium Falcon.

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Green Emmys
The Primetime Emmy Awards will be held at LA's Nokia Theatre on Sunday night. And beneath the glitz and the glam, the message will be green. From energy efficient lighting to recycled sets to reusable water bottles for the crew to non toxic cleaning products for the staff, it looks the like the environment will a sure winner on the night.

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