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Today on Planet 100, McDonalds pays for making an employee fat, millions of Americans may someday be drinking their own urine, and a new blockbusted explores a future world rocked by climate change.McDonalds = Fat
Fast food chain McDonalds had to pay $17,500 to an employee forced by the company to eat the less than healthy food.

According to a Sao Paulo newspaper, a former restaurant manager in Porto Alegre, Brazil, gained 65 pounds performing mandatory quality-control tests every day for 12 years. The plaintiff argued that eating too much salt, sugar and fat caused him to develop "high cholesterol, obesity, and muscle weakness."

Moreover, employees on duty were not provided with healthier meal options,
lest they acknowledge that regularly consuming the food they sell indeed makes people fat.

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Recycled Pee
Someday, millions of Americans will be drinking their own urine, says Robert Roy Britt, managing editor of
In a recent commentary for the site, Britt, based in arid Phoenix, said that because of imminent drought in the West, many people will have to rely on treated sewage—containing human waste—for their drinking water. Phoenix gets its drinking water from a remote body of reservoirs, including Lake Mead, which sits more than 230 miles away.

Britt suggested cities like Phoenix may soon go the way of Orange County, California, which recycles wastewater into tap water.

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Get ready for the new environmental blockbuster Ice, which focuses on climate change. Directed by British filmmaker Nick Copus, the film is set in the year 2020 when climate change has caused unimaginable devastation and panic worldwide as the human race finds itself contemplating the dawn of a new ice age.

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