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Today, on Planet 100, Sherpas clear litter from Mount Everest, German banks embrace green architecture, and mosquitoes are shown to like the smell of beer.Everest Death Zone
A clean-up of the world's tallest peak, Mt Everest, is underway with Nepalese Sherpas hauling down piles of garbage as well as the bodies of several dead climbers.

The 20 Sherpas will work above 8,000m in what's known as the "Death Zone" because of the thin air and treacherous conditions. The team will scale the summit of Everest and then start working their way down—they expect to bring back the bodies of at least three climbers, including trekker American Scott Fischer and Swiss mountaineer Gianni Goltz.

Aside from the bodies, the team expects to remove 3,000kg of old tents, ropes, oxygen cylinders, food packaging and camping stoves from the mountain. Now here's Nick Aster with Biz Talk.

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Green Deutschland
This week on Triple Pundit we got downright architectural focusing on how some big banks in Germany are embracing green building in a big way.

I visited Deutsche Bank and KfW Bankengruppe in Frankfurt to see just how it was done. Super insulation, intelligent monitoring of resource usage, smart elevators and renewable energy have combined to make each building up to 80% less energy intensive than a comparable existing tower.

Will green building practices turn into greener banking practices in general? Visit Triple Pundit to find out!

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Mosquitoes Like Beer
Good news and bad news for beer drinkers: Your beer breath is a turn on...for mosquitoes. In study on Malaria, researchers exposed mosquitoes to body odors from water drinkers and beer drinkers. The bugs preferred the "breath and skin emanations" of beer drinkers. And guys while beer breath may be a turn on for mosquitoes, for single ladies...not so much.

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