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Today, on Planet 100, a controversial mosque becomes the country's first to receive LEED approval, plug-and-play home solar kits are ready to hit the market, and Prince Charles embarks on a five-day eco-tour.Green Mosque
A controversial new mosque to be erected just two blocks from Ground Zero, is to become the country's first "green mosque."

Ibrahim Abdul-Matin of the Daily Beast reveals that the Cordoba House Project will be LEED certified and named Park51. The new name reflects a desire to emphasize the intricate yet widely unknown connections between Islamic teachings and environmentalism.

For example, Islam calls upon people to be "stewards of the Earth" and to treat all things in nature as sacred.

Via: Daily Beast
Solar in a Box
A new company called Clarian has just announced it will have a plug 'n' play home solar kit ready by next Spring.

The "Sunfish" is basically a sun visor that you can hang over sunny south-facing windows. The device uses a microinverter to feed energy directly into your home through a regular power outlet, with a set of 5 panels producing as much as 1800 kWh's per year—approximately 16% of a typical home's energy use.

It may not sound like a lot, but when you consider that it makes solar generation a reality for under $4 grand, it could be a game-changer in quickly bringing more renewables onto the grid.

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Charles' Train
Rock bands aren't only ones doing eco-tours these days. Prince Charles is about to embark five day tour in the Royal Train—run on biofuel—which will showcase UK citizens making a difference by planting trees and growing vegetables, and installing solar panels. The Prince calls it a Sustainability Revolution—right on!

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