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Welcome to Planet 100 for April 1, 2010. Today, laughing hyenas are decoded, Greenpeace follows the money trail, and National Geographic explores Our Thirsty World. Hyenas Decoded
In the first ever study of its kind, researchers have decoded the hyena's laugh to depict the animals age and social status.
Researchers studied 26 captive spotted hyenas and recorded the animals' calls in various social interactions, for instance bickering over food. They can now confirm that the pitch of the giggle reveals a hyena's age, while variations in the frequency of notes can encode information about dominant and subordinate status.

This allows hyenas to establish feeding rights and organize their food-gathering activities. Now here's Katherine Goldstein with Web Vine.

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Greenpeace Stalks
Greenpeace just released an extensive report detailing that the second largest privately owned company in the US—Koch Industries—has spent over 48 million dollars funding climate change denial groups—outspending even Exxon Mobil in their efforts.

Since Koch industries is privately owned they can fly under the public's radar. They own crude oil refineries and pipelines throughout the country, and the original founder did oil business with Stalin.

The Greenpeace report is just one more reminder that when it comes to climate denial, you should always follow the money.

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Our Thirsty World
Planet 100 was in attendance at the debut of National Geographic's Water: Our Thirsty World a collection at the Annenberg Space for Photography featuring 700 inspired photographs from all four corners of the world which aims to bring an awareness of the role of water in our lives.

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