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Today, on Planet 100, the Italian mafia sees the green in clean energy, the government wages battle against western wolves, and more men than ever are suffering from menopause.Eco Mafia
The Italian Mafia see the green in green, cashing in on wind power in Sicily and dirtying what should be a clean green industry.

Attracted by the prospect of generous alternative energy grants the so-called "eco Mafia" has begun fraudulently creaming off millions of euros from both the Italian government and the EU. Illegal activity is rife in Mafia strongholds like Corleone, the town better known as the setting for the Godfather films.

Despite the mafia scandals, Italian farmers have leapt at the chance to rent out their land for wind generation.

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Wolf Killings
The fight between man and beast continues this week—specifically about gray wolves out west.

The government has new plans to expand killing wolves and gassing pups in their dens in order to prevent the animals from eating livestock or being pushed into residential areas. Critics of the plan say that the wolves are still endangered, while proponents feel they are taking necessary safety measures. Regardless of where you stand, it's one wild controversy.

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Male Menopause
It looks like menopause may not be just affliction of middle aged women. The controversially dubbed "male menopause," caused by low testosterone levels, is gaining acceptance as more middle aged men are arriving in doctors' offices complaining of sexual dysfunction, weight gain, fatigue and depression.

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