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Today, on Planet 100, cell phones are likely filled with conflict minerals, celebrities bring star power to the Gulf, and slacktivists rule a new world of fundraising and volunteerism.Blood Phones
Have you heard of the term "blood phones"? Hint: it's not an urban dictionary entry for someone engaged in furious texting on a blackberry.

It refers to the rare minerals required for our phones, many of which are sourced in war-torn Congo. Electronics companies purchase these minerals, inadvertently supporting violence and slavery. And though they are not directly at fault, companies CAN clean up their supply chains.

The ENOUGH project is encouraging people to commit to buying conflict-free electronics, with the hoping of spurring the industry's social responsibility.

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Stars in the Gulf
Many celebrities are offering up their star power to pose solutions, raise money and awareness about what's happening in the gulf. Kevin Costner has been talking up his oil separating machines, while James Cameron has assembled a team of experts to talk to the EPA—he also offered to help BP but was politely turned down.

Larry King hosted a big telethon raising 1.8 million, with celebs like Robert Redford and Justin Bieber—lets hope many stars keep shining bright to bring much needed attention to the gulf crisis.

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Slacktivists Rule
Social media is helping non-profits turn stacktivists into activists. A new generation is concerned about environmental issues but not yet fully engaged in volunteering, donating or fundraising. Experts are urging not to dismiss them—good online strategy can transform them into eco-heroes.

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