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Today, on Planet 100, a lake in Iowa disappears overnight, X Prize contestants compete to become Edison 2.0, and a new study proves that sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health—even with regular exercise.Disappearing Lake
Those contemplating a summer sojourn to Iowa's Lake Dehli better make alternative plans, the nine mile lake all but disappeared at the weekend.

A privately owned dam that had created the Iowa lake in the 1920s broke down from heavy rain over the weekend, sending its water cascading away. Witnesses estimate that the lake receded at a pace of six inches per minute, almost emptying overnight.

Without the dam, Iowans will miss a lake that's been providing summer entertainment for almost a century along with instant devaluation of property values.

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Having conquered the light bulb, Edison turns its attention to a streamlined 100 mpg X Prize entry.

Sitting Death

A new study proves long periods of sitting are bad for your health. The American Cancer Society revealed that women who sat an average of 6 hours per day had 37 percent higher mortality rates than more active women who sat for only 3 hours a day. The moral? Being active will add years to your life.

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