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Today, on Planet 100, colony collapse disorder continues to ravage global bee populations, a plastic mockumentary highlights the life of a discarded bag, and Jason Mraz wins the "Humanitarian of the Year" award.Honeybee Collapse
Scientists remain stumped by a drastic and mysterious die-off of honey bees—which have seen honey bee colony numbers fall from 4 million in the 70s to just 2.5 million today.

Scientists attribute the decline to Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD, in which formerly healthy bees abruptly vanish from their hives. Suspected causes of CCD include chemicals such as pesticides, GMO crops and a lack of genetic diversity.

This is particularly worrisome as bees play a crucial role in our ecosystem, pollinating a third of everything we eat.

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Plastic Mockumentary
The California senate is voting on a bill that would ban plastic bags state wide, the environmental group heal the bay is taking sides with this clever video.

Jeremy Irons narrates this nature mockumentary send up called The Majestic Plastic Bag that traces a plastic bag's journey from store through asphalt, streams and ultimately to its final resting place, the great pacific garbage patch.

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Mraz Award
The Surf Industry Manufacturers Association awarded raw-foodie and troubador superstar, Jason Mraz as the Humanitarian of the year. Mraz, owns a bamboo t-shirt company, campaigned for climate action in Copenhagen and recently returned from Africa to raise awareness about child slavery.

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