Today on Planet 100: Haiti Rebuilds (Video)

Today on Planet 100, Haiti begins rebuilding.After last week's devastating earthquake, Haiti has been left in ruins and, unfortunately, the threat of further disaster has not passed. Due to widespread deforestation, landslides and other problems are often triggered by ecological disasters—compounding the severity and making recovery more difficult.

At least one organization, the US Green Building Council, has pushed forward in the recovery process. Famous for managing the LEED building standard and assisting with the reconstruction of Greensburg, Kansas, the USBC has announced a plan to help Haiti rebuild green.

Celebrities, too, are lending a hand. George Cluny, Wyclef Jean, and others will host the "Hope for Haiti" telethon to raise money for the cause. The event will air on all major networks on January 22, 8 pm eastern.

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