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Today, on Planet 100, trash threatens to clog China's massive Three Gorges Dam, the Motus misses the final round of the Automotive XPrize, and Pamela Anderson takes her dogs for a walk.Gorged with Trash
Thousands of tons of garbage has washed down the Yangtze river during torrential rains, threatening to jam China's massive Three Gorges hydroelectric dam.

State media reports that the garbage is so thick in parts of the river that people can walk on the surface. Nearly three tons of refuse are being collected from the dam every day, but inadequate manpower and equipment mean it's a losing battle. China considers the 22-billion-dollar Three Gorges Dam a modern wonder, but critics say the world's largest dam has caused massive ecological damage in the area.

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K-Way Motus
At the Automotive XPrize The K-Way Motus didn't make it to the final round, but Damien Somerset gives us an inside look of this remarkable vehicle.

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Pam's Puppies
Pamela Anderson, most famous for of animals has helped about 50 dogs, some of them abandoned by their owners after the BP oil spill, find new homes in Virginia. Anderson, the honorary chairman of PETA, was among those walking the dogs at a news conference Monday at New Orleans' City Park.

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