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Today, on Planet 100, Google announces plans to build a human-powered monorail, a young scientist reveals a solution to climate change that is genius in its simplicity, and eco-trends sweep Japan.Human Powered Monorail
Google, lovers of clean tech, have just invested $1 million Schweeb—a human-powered monorail transportation system.

Originally designed as an amusement park ride in New Zealand, the system is based on pedal-powered pods that zoom around a monorail track about 20 feet above the ground. Google is funding the company to help it test the system as public transportation in an urban setting, the exact location of which will be disclosed on the website shortly.

Given Schweeb requires no fossil fuels only human energy, you can see why Google were so excited by the concept.

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Climate Change Solution
One of Britain's leading young climate scientists has come up with a way to solve climate change in a snap: Make oil, gas and coal companies pay.

Dr Myles Allen, head of the Climate Dynamics Group at the University Oxford, said that government attempts to try to get millions of people to change their behavior were doomed to fail. Instead, they should simply make all producers of carbon-based fuels accountable for the disposal of the carbon dioxide their fuels ultimately give off, as a condition of remaining in business.

Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS), is regarded as essential for tackling climate change, yet the technology is in its infancy.

Via: The Independent
Japanese Eco-Trends
Three eco trends are currently sweeping Japan. De-ownership as evidenced in the increase of car share programs and clothes swaps; de-materialism enjoying the great outdoors rather than shopping; and demonetization—working to live rather than living to work.

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