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Today, on Planet 100, Google calls for a price on carbon, Nick Aster talks business, and NBC celebrates Earth Day.Google Carbon Pricing
On Friday, the Obama Administration promised energy legislation would be next in line after healthcare and financial regulatory reform. That's good news for Google which wants a price on carbon now.

According to director of climate change and energy initiatives at Google, Dan Reicher, carbon pricing will not only combat climate change but is good for business. Exposing the true costs of dirty fuels will promote investment in new energy innovations. Consumers would also see savings by switching to energy efficient technologies.

The world's biggest search engine already has products to help consumers save like the Google Power Meter which helps you monitor and reduce your energy use. Now here's Nick Aster with Biz Talk.

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Biz Talk
This week on we looked at the difficulties in defining "Corporate Social Responsibility" or CSR. Just who is, and who isn't a responsible company depends on who you ask!

Fortune says UPS, Starbucks and Marriott are the top three corporations in social responsibility for 2010. But, Corporate Responsibility Magazine says Hewlett-Packard, Intel and General Mills are. Other lists differ even further.

Now, movement is afoot to shed greater transparency on these evaluations, but it's just getting started.

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NBC's Earth Day
NBC Universal is rolling out over 100 hours of green themed programming this week to celebrate Earth Day. Bravo will screen the documentary Live Earth Run for Water while CNBC will air Power Lunch—a Christie's "Bid to Save the Earth" Auction. And sets of Saturday Night Live will be greened, and Jimmy Fallon will go carbon neutral.

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