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Today, on Planet 100, a golf course in the UK tries to go from environmental blight to an eco-hole-in-one, a couple of homeowners build with hemp, and "downward dog" takes on a whole new meaning.Organic Golf Course
With their massive water requirements and heavy use fertilizers and pesticides, golf courses have long been an environmental blight on the landscape.

But now New Malton Golf Course in Cambridgeshire is about to score an eco hole in one by becoming the UK's first organic golf club. The 18-hole course boasts a full time resident ecologist and has been chemical-free for a year, helping native populations of woodpeckers, kestrels, owls and pheasants.

The owners plan to graze animals on the land and tend their greens with citric acid and sugar.

Via: The Independent
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Hemp House
An Ashville, North Carolina, couple is showcasing an intriguing new green construction material—that they joke could make for a really great block party: Hempcrete!

The walls of their new house are made from Hemp, water and lime. Their beautiful home cost about $133 per square foot and is highly efficient due to the Hempcrete's insulation properties—they spend only $100 per month on electricity.

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Doga: Dog Yoga
With their cute outfits and organic diets we all know that dogs in America are treated like royalty. But the latest crazy—doga or dog yoga—takes this phenomenon to a whole new level.

Breathing, stretching and mediation are said decrease canine anxiety and increase bonding between pet and owner.

Via: Yahoo Green
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