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Today, on Planet 100, consuming GM soy yields interesting results, Starbucks hosts a 'Cup Summit', and Al Gore launches the 'Inconvenient Youth' project.GM Soy Shocker
A Russian study to determine whether Monsanto's GM soybeans leads to problems in growth or reproduction revealed some shocking results.
For two years, hamsters were fed a high GM soy diet to devastating effect. By the third generation, most GM soy-fed hamsters had lost the ability to have babies and also suffered slower growth, and a high mortality rate among the pups. Most shockingly, some in the third the generation even had hair growing in their mouths.

But lead scientist, Alexey Surov, warns against jumping to early conclusions; citing that contaminants like the herbicide Roundup, which most Monsanto products rely upon, may have affected the study's outcome.

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Starbucks 'Cup Summit'
This week on TriplePundit we took a closer look at everyone's favorite global coffee conglomerate, Starbucks. 3p's Ryan Mickle posted about the failure of activists to convince Starbucks' shareholders to demand a company wide recycling policy.

The good news is that Starbucks already has a recycling policy, just not something that had been totally worked out by voting time.

Lo and behold, later in the week, Starbucks held a "Cup Summit" wherein the company outlined no less than 10 goals aimed at increasing recycling and other sustainable measures.

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Inconvenient Youth
Al Gore, founder of The Climate Project has launched a new initiative called Inconvenient Youth—built on the belief that teens can lead the effort to combat the climate crisis. More a community than a website, the idea was inspired by a 16 year old Californian, Mary Doerr, who trained as a presenter for The Climate Project.

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