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Today, on Planet 100, a zoo in New Orleans puts endangered species on ice, London faces a serious drought, and Sarah Palin masters the art of projection.Frozen Zoo
With news that the Gulf Oil Spill could result in the Brown Pelican being put back on the endangered species list, a frozen zoo in New Orleans may offer an unorthodox solution.

Audubon Nature Institute is storing the genetic material of thousands of animals - from frogs to tigers - on ice. Sperm, eggs, embryos, and skin cells have been all frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees Centigrade in order to recall the DNA later and revive a species through cloning.

Let's hope that not all zoos of the future will be quite as cold.

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London Drought
Many will be surprised to learn that dark and rainy London is in the midst of a serious drought. And now the city is hoping to hedge dwindling water supplies with a new desalination plant.

Initially fought by environmentalists, the Thames Gateway Water Treatment Works was officially opened last week in London's Beckton district, along with assurances that it will be the most energy-efficient to date. The plant will use tidal river water with an 85% conversion to drinking water and it will run on renewable fuels like fish fry oil, an abundant resource in London.

UK scientists are predicting increasing drought in the region due to climate change, so the desal plant was ultimately though begrudgingly accepted by London's climate conscious public.

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Palin Gaffe
While the nation is under siege by BP's oil gusher in the Gulf, Sarah Palin has decided it is all the fault of "radical environmentalists" who want to protect areas like Alaska's Wildlife refuge, thereby forcing BP to take to the high seas. At least one thing is clear—Palin has mastered the art of projection.

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