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Today, on Planet 100, a Godzilla-like lizard is discovered in the Philippines, Nick Aster talks business, and Steven Spielberg teams up with Discovery for Future Earth.Filipino Godzilla
The Filipino equivalent of Godzilla has been recently confirmed by scientists as being new to science.

The 2 meter long giant lizard was first spotted back in 2004 in the Sierra Madre mountains in Luzon, when researchers saw a tribesmen carrying the dead reptile. University of Kansas scientists captured a live adult and confirmed with DNA testing that the golden-spotted monitor lizard is indeed a new species.

Scientists describe the discovery of large vertebrate as ''rare occurrence'', particularly on an island hit by deforestation and nearby development.

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Biz Talk with Nick Aster
The biggest story on Triplepundit this week was the release of Jeffery Hollender's new book, The Responsibility Revolution.

Hollender is the founder and Chief Inspired Protagonist of forward thinking cleaning products company Seventh Generation. Jeffrey explained week and asked him to explain the inspiration for the book and what he meant by "Corporate Social Responsibility 2.0."

Whether you like it or not, in the modern era, your company's message is no longer controlled entirely by you. Rather, it's controlled by your customers, your supply chains, NGOs, you name it. Learn to participate openly in this conversation or kiss your company reputation goodbye.

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Spielberg's Future Earth
Discovery Channel will be teaming up with directing legend Steven Spielberg for a new documentary series called Future Earth. Featuring interviews with futurists and scholars, the animated series will show what life on earth will look like in 25, 50 or 100 years. Future Earth is expected to premiere in late 2011.

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