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Today, on Planet 100, enviropigs produce cleaner manure, the carbon market hits a rough spot, and the color green is revealed to be everything but.Enviropigs
Canada had just approved limited production of the Enviropig—a genetically modified breed of pigs which produce cleaner manure—containing up to 65% less phosphorous.

The run off of Phosphorous in animal waste into surface waters can create invasive algae blooms spurring "dead zones" in the ocean incapable of supporting marine life. While it may take years before genetically modified pigs are available for human consumption, fear of these so-called Franken-pigs is already widespread.

But rising fears of oceanic dead zones have experts worried enough to leave no potential solution overlooked.

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Biz Talk
Things have not been looking too great for the carbon trading market with a series of criminal investigations and auditor suspensions threatening to give pollution trading the same reputation as "collateralized debt obligations."

But emerging from the chaos are signs of a silver lining—with a few bad apples being weeded out, some argue the regulatory process is working, bringing us closer to the heart of what really matters—in the words of Peter Fusaro, a well known green markets champion, "it's the green economy stupid!"

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Green not so Green
The New York Times reports that the color green can never be green, because of the way it is made. Green is such a difficult color to manufacture that toxic substances are often used to stabilize it. Rather ironically, this means that green-colored plastic and paper cannot be recycled or composted safely, because they could contaminate everything else.

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