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Today, on Planet 100, drinking water in China is found to be dirtier than ever, Annie Leonard tells the story of cosmetics, and David de Rothchild completes a 130 day journey aboard a boat made of plastic bottles.China's Undrinkable Water
The true costs of China's rapid growth are becoming apparent: only HALF of it's water supply is undrinkable while a quarter is entirely unusable even for industrial purposes because it's so badly contaminated!

According to Reuters, the main culprit for the state of China's water is its heavy industry and agricultural sector's overuse of pesticides and fertilizers, resulting in 189 of the China's 443 cities experiencing acid rain.

While regulators are reportedly having some success in reigning in pollution, they still have a long, long way to go. No here's Katherine Goldstein with Web Vine.

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Story of Cosmetics
Thanks Sarah. Annie Leonard, who made a huge splash with her viral video The story of stuff, at it again with a new short called The story of cosmetics.

In her straightforward, easy to understand style, Leonard explores all the toxins lurking in our bathrooms, from shampoos to deodorants to lipstick, and highlights how these products are hardly even tested, much less regulated.

Watch Annie's great video on Huffington Post Green, and find out more about the pending legislation to better regulate these products at the campaign for safe cosmetics website.

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Plastiki Journey

David de Rothchild and his crew abroad the Plastiki just completed their 130 day, 8000 nautical mile journey from San Fransisco to Sydney via the Great Pacific Garbage Patch on their catamaran made from 12,500 recycled plastic bottles. Proving plastic can have a second life.

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