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Today, on Planet 100, a flood of merchandise confuses the message of Eat Pray Love, Damien Somerset has the latest update from the Automotive X Prize, and Sierra magazine releases its list of the 20 most environmentally-friendly colleges and universities in the United States.Eat, Pray, Love, Shop?
Elizabeth Gilbert's best selling memoir Eat Pray Love opened on the big screen this weekend with its message that genuine happiness doesn't come from blind consumerism.

But Sony Pictures seem to be flatly contradicting Gilbert by unleashing a tsunami of merchandise that suggests we find inner peace through purchasing. From three new Fresh Perfumes to high-end Eat Pray Love travels tours, movie-themed jewelry to an entire range of ethnic trinkets from the Home Shopping Network.

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Automotive X Prize: Western Washington University
Damien Somerset reports from the Automotive X Prize, where entry #45 from Western Washington University is ready to take to the track.

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Greenest Schools
Sierra Magazine is betting on it with its list of the Top 20 greenest schools in the country. While Stanford made the list, as did Harvard, the number one went to Vermont's Green Mountain College with gets it power and heat from biomass and biogas—that's cow power people.

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