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Today, on Planet 100, extreme heat torments India, Peak Phosphorus rear's its head, and Leonardo DiCaprio helps to save tigers.Indian Spring
Extreme temperatures have claimed the lives of hundreds of people in Northern India with the hottest May temperatures in Gujurat since recordkeeping began in 1800s.

The death toll is expected to rise with forecasted temperatures approaching 120F in the coming weeks. Hospitals in Gujarat have been overwhelmed with people suffering from heat stroke and Wildlife organizations report the death of crows, bats and peacocks due to lack of water.

One upside? Dehli's new air-conditioned metro has seen record numbers of passengers as polluting taxis and dangerous rickshaws are abandoned.

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Peak Phosphorus
While many have been sounding the alarm about Peak Oil for a while, few have even heard about a crisis that could be potentially more deadly—"Peak Phosphorus."

Agriculture is dependent upon phosphorus mining, and the world's reserves are dwindling fast. But there is hope. It turns out that sewage contains lots and lots of phosphorus. A Canadian startup called Ostara backed by Robert Kennedy Jr. has found a safe way to extract the valuable mineral and turn it into a slow-release fertilizer called Crystal Green.

If you're grossed out don't worry, the patented PEARL chemical reactor only removes the pure form of the chemicals phosphorus and ammonia—which it turns out, makes sewage treatment safer and cleaner.

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DiCaprio's Tigers
A-lister and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio is just back from Asia after joining the WWF's "Save the Tigers" expedition andcampaign. With the help of DiCaprio and others, the WWF is hoping to raise $20 million to double the almost extinct Tiger population by 2022. Currently only 3200 tigers remain in the wild.

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