Today on Planet 100: Costner Invents Gulf Oil Cleaner (Video)

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Today, on Planet 100, Kevin Costner unveils his idea for Gulf Oil cleanup, Triple Pundit bikes to work, and a PhD student finds a use for...cigarette butts.

Costner's Cleans Up
Kevin Costner isn't scared of getting his feet wet. The Waterworld hero was in New Orleans last week with a machine purported to separate oil from water.

Dan Costner, the star's brother, developed the machine in question with a team of scientists at Ocean Therapy Solutions. Costner claims the machine works at about 200,000 gallons a minute, taking in up to 99 percent of the oil. Local politicians are pushing the Obama administration to allow a demonstration test on the open waters.

Here's hoping Kevin Costner's watery bid is more successful second time round.

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Wheel to Work
This week on Triple Pundit we biked up a storm with national bike to work day!

We asked readers—what's your company doing to make it easier for you to bike to work. We also heard from California bike shop chain "Mike's Bikes" who took it upon themselves to give away free tire tubes for anyone who came in the door while on a bike commute.

Seems like a great way to encourage biking to work, as well as great marketing for Mike's. What did your company do last week?

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Butts have Purpose
A Chinese PhD student has found a use for one of the worst types of trash on the planet...cigarette butts. Jun Zhao found that cigarette butts soaked in water can help guard against corrosion in a type of steel commonly used in the oil industry. As 30% of the world's smokers live in China (300 million strong) there's no lack of raw materials.

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