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Today, on Planet 100, a town in Italy discourages prostitution by leveling a forest, the Obama administration lifts the moratorium on new deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and George Clooney goes to Washington.Prostitution vs Deforestation
Environmental organizations have expressed outrage over a plan by local officials in Abruzzo, Italy, to combat prostitution with deforestation.

For decades, local law enforcement and politicians have struggled to police the Bonifica del Tronto road, an area notorious for sex trade workers. Where cameras, raid, patrols and fines have failed, last month it was announced that the time had come for drastic measures—cut down all the vegetation "around and along the banks [of the river Tronto]," in which the prostitutes ply their trade.

Environmental groups say the scheme would destroy 69 acres of woodland vital to local ecosystems.

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Oil Moratorium Ends
Under heavy pressure from the oil and gas industry, the Obama administration has lifted the moratorium on new deepwater drilling projects in the Gulf of Mexico.

While the government is including several new rules to avoid another disaster, environmentalists still have reservations about if deepwater drilling can be done safely. With the midterm elections fast approaching, many believe politics were at play.

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Clooney Goes to Washington
Oscar winning actor, George Clooney meet with President Obama Tuesday to apprise him of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Darfur ahead of a vote for Sudan's independence and, thus, a possible civil war. The actor expressed optimism that the administration might address the issues unfolding in the Sudan.

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