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Today, on Planet 100, Moscow moves clouds, Nick Aster talks business, and Arnold Schwarzenegger announces rebates for electric motorcycles.Cloud Control Controversy
Since the Soviet era, the Russian government has been seeding clouds for major celebrations like Victory Day, City Day and, more recently, Russia Day.

But according the BBC, Moscow's Mayor now suggests the technique be used to shift winter snow outside the capital, saving an estimated $10 million in snow clearing costs. This worries local ecologists who argue that Winter snow is essential in clearing atmosphere and helping trees survive severe frosts.

In Russia, private companies are cloud seeding, guaranteeing a sunny wedding for a cost of $6000 per hour. Now here's Nick Aster with Biz Talk.

Via: BBC
Biz Talk with Nick Aster
This week on Triple Pundit we talked about the British government unveiling a "green" investment bank plan that will offer up to $3 Billion in loans to new green entrepreneurs.

The bank's primary purpose will be to concentrate on green transportation infrastructure and offshore wind.

Zero Bike
Riding high on Zero electric motorcycle, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that his state would be offering a $1,500 rebate off the purchase price of qualifying electric motorcycles including The Zero Supermoto which will now be available to California residents for $7500 after rebates and credits.

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