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Today, on Planet 100, Bill Clinton unveils his ideas for building a clean economy, solar panels get the spray-on treatment, and the First Lady hosts a farm-to-table luncheon.Clinton's Tips for a Clean Economy
President Bill Clinton believes the "number one thing" to restore the American economy is clean, efficient energy.

Speaking at a blogger roundtable at the start of his Clinton Global Initiative in New York City, Clinton shared his "favorite ideas" for making the green economy a political and economic reality: federal loan guarantees for building energy efficiency retrofits; renewable energy initiatives in economically depressed cities; and green jobs programs for poor Americans.

The Wonk Room reports that a slim looking Clinton held court with a dazzling mastery of policy details, wit, and storytelling.

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Solar Spray On
The Jersey Shore's Snooki may have popularized spray on tans, but did you know spray on concept has far less trivial uses.

What if you could simply spray-paint energy producing photovoltaic cells onto just about any surface, including windows? New Energy Technologies is pursuing this idea with its Solar Window technology—which sprays ultra-thin organic photovoltaic cells onto glass at room temperature, eliminating the expense and energy requirements of conventional solar panels.

An added bonus? The use of organic materials eliminates the need for exotic or toxic metals.

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First Lady's Farm Luncheon
While President Obama will meet with world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly meeting today, the first lady will be treating the spouses to a farm-to-table luncheon. The event will take place at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, a working farm and education compound north of New York City.

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