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Today, on Planet 100, Phil Jones, the scientist at the center of the "Climategate" scandal, is cleared after independent review, a heat wave brings triple-digit temps and talk of climate change to the East Coast, and Lexus hosts "The Darker Side of Green."Climategate is Dead
Here's some news guaranteed not to make Sarah Palin facebook wall: Phil Jones, the man at the center of the Climategate scandal has got his job back.

Prof. Jones lost his job as head of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia after hacked emails, one which referred to a "trick" used to interpret data, was leaked on the internet. Skeptics claimed that Jones and his colleagues had manipulated data to exaggerate the rise in global temperatures.

But an independent commission has cleared Jones of any dishonest behavior, a personal vindication for a man who was considering suicide.

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Eastern Heat Wave
As temperatures reach triple digits here in the east coast, the perennial internet chatter begins: do hot temperatures prove that climate change is real?

Last winter when snow storms blanketed the east coast, climate deniers took it as evidence that all this global warming stuff was just a hoax. And while temperatures have been breaking records all year, the truth is that climate and weather are two totally different things—a hot or cold year doesn't really prove anything.

BUT if being forced to crank up the AC makes people think more seriously about climate change, that can't be all bad.

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Darker Side of Green
Luxury hybrid car maker Lexus is hosting "The Darker Side of Green" debates with a series of high profile celebrities. Andy Samberg will moderate tonight's discussion in Los Angeles between Tea Party filmmaker Phelim McAleer and Sundance Green's Simran Sethi. Of course, Planet 100 will be there to cover the event.

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