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Today, on Planet 100, the Climate Desk launches, a company focuses on baby poo recycling, and TreeHugger TV debuts.Climate Desk
The announcement Tuesday of a major media partnership will see the launch of 'Climate Desk', a collaboration dedicated to covering climate change.

The partnership, which been in the works since last year, will see The Atlantic, Mother Jones, Slate, Grist, Wired, the Center for Investigative Reporting and the PBS current affairs program, "Need to Know" pool resources for multi-platform approach to exploring the impact of climate change.

The Atlantic editorial director Bob Cohn says collaboration can help cover expansive topics under dwindling resources. Now here's Damien Somerset of in a brand new segment called Wacky Wednesday.

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Wacky Wednesday
Thanks Sarah. DarkLord recently submitted a TriplePundit story about a company called KnoWaste in the UK that plans to recycle the most hazardous waste known to man...that's right babies poo.

The average baby goes through 5,000 dirty diapers by the time he or she is potty trained and they take about 500 years to decompose. KnoWaste claims they can remove 98% of a disposable diaper from the waste stream. The company plans to use the plastic in the diapers to make things like wallpaper, bicycle helmets and roofing tiles. But before they can get to the plastic they have to go through a shredder.

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TreeHugger TV
From online to on air, the planet's best green website, Treehugger, made its television debut on Planet Green last night. The six episode series will cater to the crunchy and the curious with stories on everything from alien technology to dirt tasting. Be sure to set your Tivos for future eps of Treehugger TV.

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