Today on Planet 100: Climate Killers, Secret Chemicals (Video)

Today, on Planet 100, Rolling Stone compiles a list of people killing the climate, a loophole allows toxic chemicals to be kept secret, and Tokyo pits bees against crows.First, a look at Rolling Stone magazine's list of the top 17 polluters and climate change deniers doing the most to derail "efforts to curb global warming." The list gathers many of the usual suspects but holds a few surprises as well.

Then, a new report from the Environmental Working Group shows that, since the Toxic Substances Control Act was passed in 1976, as much as a quarter of the toxic chemicals entering the consumer market when unreported. The failure, they say, presents a direct threat to human health.

Finally, Tokyo is battling an invasion. It's not from Godzilla but from crows and the situation is bad enough that city officials have turned to an unorthodox method: Deterring the birds with bees.

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