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Today, on Planet 100, a warming climate may bring more volcanoes, a restaurant allows hungry diners to pedal for a free meal, and Coachella concert-goers pay homage to solar energy.Climate Volcanoes?
Iceland's Eyja Fjoell volcano may have paralyzed European flights last week, but experts warn that global warming induced ice cap thaw may awaken even more powerful Icelandic volcanoes.

SLIDESHOW: Erupting Volcano's Incredible Impact

Vulcanologists from The University of Iceland predict that larger or more frequent eruptions are likely to occur in the coming decades, a direct impact of climate change. They cite the end of the Ice Age 10,000 years ago which coincided with a surge in volcanic activity due to thinning ice caps and increased magma production.

SLIDESHOW: The Awesome Power of Volcanic Eruptions

Ten percent of Iceland's biggest ice cap Vatnajokull melted since 1890, causing land to rise by 25 mm annually, creating geological stresses.

Peddling for Supper
Washing dishes to pay a dinner bill at Copenhagen's Crowne Plaza is NOT an option, but the eco-friendly hotel now offers one way to earn a free meal—bicycle-peddling!

The high-end hotel chain is literally paying customers to generate green power by peddling on stationary bikes. The bikes are hooked up to generators that require guests of average fitness to pedal for about 15 minutes, creating 10 watt-hours of electricity, which in turn generates a $36 meal voucher.

This latest green initiative is hardly surprising in an eco savvy city where 36 percent of its residents bike to work.

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Solar Ascension
Thousands of revelers at last weekend's Coachella music festival passed through a monument to solar energy—a giant origami crane lit up with solar powered LEDs. Named Ascension, The 45 foot tall sculpture is the brainchild of the LA-based Crimson Collective. It's wing span of 150 feet is a celebration of sustainability and a solar industry about to take flight.

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