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Today, on Planet 100, a controversial campaign video attracts negative attention to one climate group, a new study finds food waste in the United States accounts for 350 million barrels of oil, and a biodegradable bag is deemed too noisy by consumers.Edgy Campaign Axed
Environmental campaigners 10:10 have withdrawn a film showing a teacher graphically exploding two students who refuse to reduce their carbon emissions.

The short films—scripted by director Richard Curtis, with music from Radiohead and starring Gillian Anderson—were intended to make people laugh, but instead received a tsunami of complaints from people calling it "dreadful" and "distasteful." Global Campaign Director for 10:10 told the BBC that they decided to take it down from their official website to avoid upsetting people, though they are not making attempts to censor versions already in circulation.

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Food Waste = Warming Planet
Here's some food for thought: We're literally throwing away our opportunity save the energy equivalent of 350 million barrels of oil each year.

How? Through discarding food that gets produced but never eaten. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that 27 percent of food in the country ends up being thrown away instead of getting consumed. The study reveals that "the waste might represent a largely unrecognized opportunity to conserve energy and help control global warming."

So be aware that every time you order more than you can eat, you're contributing to a major source of greenhouse gases and climate change.

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Too Crunchy?
It sounds like Frito-Lays compostable Sun Chips bags were too loud for their consumers to crunch. After months of backlash, the company is reverting all but one flavor back to the non-compostable version. Frito-Lay is already working on an improved, quieter compostable package. Kinda ironic that chip connoisseurs couldn't handle the crunch.

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